Flared is an addon for Blender for creating Lens Flares in your 3D scenes.

New Lens Flare


This video shows a new flared that I'm working on. I'll release it for Christmas.

New Lens Flare2019-12-21T19:46:10+01:00

Editing the Lens Flares


In this video you will learn ow you can edit Flared beyond its interface, modifying directly the objects and the materials that compose the Flare. Note: this is made with Flared 1.1. (Blender 2.81).

Editing the Lens Flares2020-05-16T02:32:20+02:00

Flared Lens Flare WIP


Here you can see the new "green" template and the new fuctions for managing more than one light at a time. Thank you for all your pre-orders. We're working hard to be ready for the end of the month.

Flared Lens Flare WIP2019-09-19T09:38:42+02:00

Lens Flare On Video Footage


How to add a lens flare on a real video footage, using Motion Tracking techniques in Blender

Lens Flare On Video Footage2019-12-22T01:09:33+01:00
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