Flared is an addon for Blender for creating Lens Flares in your 3D scenes.

Lens Flare Advanced Render Control


How to avoid fireflies that can be generated sometimes when rendering directly in Cycles. This works in Flared 1.8.54 only. Soon on the stores for free for all customers.

Lens Flare Advanced Render Control2022-04-24T23:30:41+02:00

Flared direct render in Cycles


Blender 3.1: the new beta seems to solve the problem related to the direct Cycles rendering of the flares. We're working at a great update.

Flared direct render in Cycles2022-03-12T11:34:13+01:00

Flared 1.6.5 is coming out


In the next couple of days we'll release the new version of Flared. All the customers will be informed by e-mail. In this video you can understand how the new features work.

Flared 1.6.5 is coming out2020-08-17T10:33:06+02:00
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