Flared is an addon for Blender for creating Lens Flares in your 3D scenes.

Glared – Light Leaks New Effects for Blender


Update of Glared 1.2 available for free to all users. We have added an effect to simulate dirt traces on the camera lens and another very 'aggressive' effect capable of generating a series of reflections particularly useful in some scenarios

Glared – Light Leaks New Effects for Blender2024-02-25T14:01:22+01:00

Glared – Add Light Fx on Video Footage


In this video, we show how Glared can be used to add interesting light effects to your video clips with just a few simple clicks, in real time.

Glared – Add Light Fx on Video Footage2023-05-03T10:11:27+02:00

Glared – Light Leaks FX for Blender – Reduce Flickering Function


Glared is a potent add-on for incorporating light effects into a scene in Blender. Here, we demonstrate the "Reduce Flickering" function, which can be utilized in animations to minimize the flickering of lights when they are moving at the edges of the screen.

Glared – Light Leaks FX for Blender – Reduce Flickering Function2023-05-03T10:17:20+02:00

Glared Launch Promo!


Glared Launch Promo: purchase a copy of Flared (Standard or XT) by Wednesday, April 12th, and will receive a coupon to redeem Glared for free.

Glared Launch Promo!2023-05-03T11:08:13+02:00

Lens Flare Advanced Render Control


How to avoid fireflies that can be generated sometimes when rendering directly in Cycles. This works in Flared 1.8.54 only. Soon on the stores for free for all customers.

Lens Flare Advanced Render Control2023-05-03T11:49:16+02:00
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