Flared is an addon for Blender for creating Lens Flares in your 3D scenes.

Flared June Promo


As the pandemic is spreading all around the World we have received many request to go on in our promotion (made in March and April) for a lower price, that will help more people to have Flares for a cheaper price. So, for the whole month of June, Flared will be sold at 25,00 EUR. Sorry, in the video I’ve said April, but I wanted to say June… Too much smart working may be lethal :-)

Flared June Promo2020-05-25T19:55:55+02:00

Lens Flare in a 3D Scene


Here is a simple example of a lens flare applied on a 3D scene that I'm working on. You can notice how it can add drama to your renders.

Lens Flare in a 3D Scene2020-05-20T00:26:10+02:00

How to use Presets


Hi, here I show how to use the Preset function to store and recall all the settings of your flares.

How to use Presets2020-02-15T19:57:41+01:00

Lens Flare in Cycles


This video shows how to use Flared with Cycles (it's a trick, but it seems to be ok). Flare Cycles. What is lens flare? Check out all the playlist.

Lens Flare in Cycles2020-05-16T02:27:26+02:00

New Lens Flare


This video shows a new flared that I'm working on. I'll release it for Christmas.

New Lens Flare2019-12-21T19:46:10+01:00

Editing the Lens Flares


In this video you will learn ow you can edit Flared beyond its interface, modifying directly the objects and the materials that compose the Flare. Note: this is made with Flared 1.1. (Blender 2.81).

Editing the Lens Flares2020-05-16T02:32:20+02:00