Flared XT Extended – 10 Brand new lens flare templates

Flared XT is an extended version of the add-on, with new advanced templates. Since Flared may have been purchased at different costs (for example, there are those who bought it on promotion, those on pre-order, those by Gumroad, those by BlenderMarket, those using coupons, etc.), and since we don’t know how the online stores will work respect to the amount you’ve paid, we have created a personal coupon – that lasts for exactly one month from the release date of Flared XT – that sets the purchase price at 15.90 EUR/USD. So check if this coupon can be useful for you to get Flared XT at a discounted price. But keep in mind that the coupon will no longer be valid at the end of 1 month after the release of this video. If you own Flared you will receive your coupon through the store (Gumroad or Blendermarket) by email.