Website or Blendermarket? We’ve made a little confusion… we’re sorry for this

We’re receiving a lot of mails because we have the addon on sale at a 50% discount on our website and it is on sale on Blendermarket too at full price. This is a problem of timing: the promo will end at the end of June and the Blendermarket should have started to sell Flared on the 1st of July. For some reason, they have anticipated the date, and this has created confusion. We are very sorry about this situation and, unfortunately, we can’t do anything. There’s no promo planned, at this moment, on the Blendermarket. Anyway, we are moving to the new version of Flared (the 1.5) that will introduce a new template and the end of the anti-piracy system. This is due to the License policy accepted by the Blendermarket. So we have moved to a Royalty Free / GNU 3 license.
Here is the license.